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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Traffic VS Conversions

The trend on the Internet these days is all about traffic. Everyone wants to know how can I rank high in the search engines? how can I get more traffic. Don't get me wrong traffic is important; however it is the companies that focus on conversions that will get better results. Traffic is finite. There are only so many people searching in the search engines for your product or service. Of course it is beneficial that you are the first to show up in a search but once your there how do you grow your business? The ability to take a finite number of traffic, and increase the number of them that do business with you is far more valuable then increasing traffic. Converting your existing traffic is much less costly then working on growing your traffic. You will also notice faster and better results on your bottomw line. Unfortunately too many businesses are only focused on bringing traffic to their websites and not on converting that traffic to customers. And here's the kicker, the number one reason why conersions is more important then traffic. The websites that have a higher conversion rate will earn more money, and be able to invest more money into getting traffic and will rank higher in the search engines.


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