Location: Canada

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Email Marketing - Marketing not Spamming

Email Marketing has become a hot topic recently with a lot of clients. The benefits of email marketing are the cost effectiveness and ease with which you can run it. Yes of course it does require work. Many business owners dread the thought of writting a newsletter or email campaign once a month. But when its done right, and you compare the results in my opinion it is well worth the time and effort. If you are considering email marketing these are some things you must consider.

1. The quality of the list - It is much better to build your own organic list then to purchase a list. If you build a high quality list of your customers and high level prospects, you will get a higher opening and conversion rate.

2. The message - You have to find a way to have a meaningful message to send to your list. You can't just say "hey everybody we're still in business" you have to find creative ways to ensure your email gets read. The two best messages are either informational (and information your customer wants to read) or special offers (new product launches, discounts, coupons). Your message will depend on the industry that you're in and the type of audience you have.

3. The Frequency - The frequency that you send your message can also be critical. Too often and you will bug customers into unsubscribing, and not often enough and you risk losing your customer to your competitor and when they finally get your message they have forgotten who you are. The key is to be frequent without being seen as a nuasance. We know of clients who are sending weekly or even daily emails. The frequency will depend on your audience and your message.

4. Tracking and Testing - If you are running an email marketing campaign and you are not tracking and testing your results you are missing out. With today's technology you can track open rates and click through rates and even conversions to sales. If you are not testing and tracking your campaign then you are leaving sales on the table. Things that you should be testing: Headline, offering, images, links to your website, and content. All of these things can have a significant impact on your sales with even a small percentage increase.